Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Making sunshine

Making sunshine. That's what Kitten called it, as we turned a square of white silk a brilliant yellow, using nothing more than turmeric, water and a splash of vinegar. It was an interesting part of her present main lesson block on textiles - (she learnt about spinning and knitting at the end of last year (and started work on a beautiful cowl which she recently finished) - and in this block has worked on themes of weaving, dyeing and sewing. It is a lovely way to cover many skills and she has enjoyed it a great deal. 


  1. So lovely, the color. Is it colorfast?

    1. I believe reasonably so, Eva. Enough to be a nature table silk/ play silk anyway!

    2. Thanks, I once dyed one with goldenrod, but it did fade when I washed it.

  2. Oh this is lovely... I really must try making some sunshiney fabric with Ian. He made some flower fabric last year and loved it (flowers between two pieces of fabric then hammer them until they print on the fabric.) Your wee one looks so pleased with her silk...


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