Thursday, 30 January 2014

Christmas crafting redux

One of my big projects this December was making a weighted baby doll for my daughter.  She has her toddler/pre-schooler waldorf doll, Daisy, but she really wanted a "baby that would be like a real baby". I didn't have it in me to buy her a Baby Annabel or Baby Born doll, and she wanted a doll who would be soft to cuddle and touch.  So I decided to make her a waldorf doll, specifically a heavy baby.
Making a waldorf doll can seem very daunting, but actually it is not that hard to produce a reasonable doll, one who is full of the love that flows from the heart and hands of a doll maker making a doll for a child she loves.  I have seen many times now how precious a toy made by a mama or daddy or grandma is to my children, and I loved making this doll for Kitten.
It was exciting to see her start to come together and have her own quiet, gentle little personality.  She really did seem to be more than just the sum of her parts very swiftly - at one point, before she was even properly sewn up, I wrapped her in a shawl and asked Oz to hold her for a moment, and his eyes filled with tears because these heavy babies - well, they really do feel real!  When Kitten took Baby Holly to church on Christmas day and passed her to me, I found myself patting her back and rocking on my heels to soothe a doll!
I used the "Baby Jess"  kit from Little Oke Dolls, for my own convenience and simplicity, and Debbie was very helpful and kind when I needed some support while trying to work out how to weight the baby in a way that would be more washable that sand (as the pattern suggested) or millet (as I'd seen elsewhere) - in the end, my mum came up with the idea of using ceramic baking weights.  They are not perfect but they work well, and frankly, Baby Holly needed a good wash less than a day after meeting her new mama for the first time, so a washable solution was pretty essential.

I was so happy - and all my hard work was rewarded - when Kitten lifted her baby from the box, unwrapped the shawl she was tucked up in and just stared open mouthed at her new child! Kitten is happy with her baby and she is as snuggly and soft as we had hoped for.

* please excuse the instagram recycling!

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  1. Oh my goodness, how clever! Such a lovely picture of your beautiful daughter hugging her baby. Kaje x


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